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Move-in weekend 2023: Live updates from Boston

Stay up to date on everything happening during the September 1 move-in weekend in Boston.

A view from Allston on Sept. 1, 2023. Caroline Bunnell

Meet the new residents of Allston

Friday, Sept. 1, 4 p.m.

We wanted to show readers what it’s really like to be amid the chaos of the busy moving season in Boston. So Boston.com walked through the streets of Allston talking to students, families, and new residents of the area to hear their experiences with navigating September 1. We even heard from one longtime resident and landlord on what’s changed throughout the years on move-in day. Hearing from many of the new residents, there seemed to be one common theme: book the U-Haul early. We asked new residents about the process of finding their new apartment, as well as their own biggest tips for a successful move. 

Kevin Liu

Graduate student at Boston University

Kevin Liu (left) – Caroline Bunnell

How did you find your new apartment?


“I used a real estate agent to find my previous apartment, and I used the same one for this apartment.”

When did you start looking?

“In April.”

Best tip for moving your stuff?

“Find a good moving company who has experience. I have an instrument which is fragile, so I was definitely looking for that.” Liu has a piano.

What are you most looking forward to?

“A larger place. My previous apartment was a studio, and this one is a one-bedroom.” 

Shruthi Sankar

Graduate student at Boston University, moving from Pratt Street

Sahi Alva (left) and Shruthi Sankar (right) – Caroline Bunnell

How did you find your apartment?

“I had a realtor who helped me find my last apartment, and this building is under the same management, so it made it easy to find.”

How long did it take to find?

“We started looking in April and found it a few weeks later.”

What is your best tip for finding a new place?

“You should use a realtor, even if you have to pay the fee. It makes it so much easier than using an app or website.”

What is your best tip for moving your stuff?


“Book a U-Haul way in advance. We waited until the last minute and lucked out, but there are many people who did not have the same luck we had.”

Nico Leopold

Undergraduate at Boston University, moving from Ashford Street to Brookline

Nico Leopold (right) – Caroline Bunnell

How did you find your new place?

“We have friends that live in the apartment building already, and they knew that the tenants above them were moving out.”

How long did it take you to find a place, and when did you start looking?

“Since our friends told us about it, it only took us three weeks to finalize everything. We started looking in January.”

What is your best tip for finding a new place?

“I think talking to people, talking to friends and seeing if they know of people moving out.”

What is your best moving tip?

“Order your U-Haul as early as you can.”

Valentino Tartamella

Boston University student moving down the street

Valentino Tartamella (left) – Caroline Bunnell

How did you find your new apartment?

“I called all the realtors for the places in this area until I found one that would be big enough for what we needed.” 

When did you start looking for a new place to live?


“We started looking in December and started to finalize everything in January.”

What is your best moving tip?

“Start early. I know so many people who were scrambling at the last second, so starting early eliminates more stress.”

Anna Staddon

Graduate student at Boston University on Ashford Street 

Anna Staddon – Caroline Bunnell

Where are you moving from?

“I am actually moving here from Florida for grad school.”

How did you find your new apartment?

“I looked on Apartments.com and Zillow.”

When did you start looking?

“I started looking in May and was able to find this place relatively quickly, within two to three weeks.”

What is your best tip for finding a new place?

“Starting early and finding a realtor you trust is extremely important.”

Sankalp Bhoyer

Undergraduate student at Boston University

Sankalp Bhoyar (left) and Samruddhi Bhoyar (right) – Caroline Bunnell

Where are you moving from?

“I lived on campus this past year and am moving to Glenville Avenue.”

How did you find your apartment?

“I just looked on Zillow until I found something that worked for me and my roommates.”

What is your best tip for finding a new place?

Looking everywhere and exhausting all of your resources was helpful for me. Also checking Facebook to see if there is anyone subletting.”

What is your best tip for moving?

“Getting your U-Haul early and making sure you pack it efficiently will make things easier on the actual day when it is really busy.”

Camden Ward

Recent graduate from Boston University graduate school

Jackie Bartling-John (left), Dori Christenson (center), Camden Ward (right) – Caroline Bunnell

Where are you moving to?


“I am moving from here on Chester Street  to a place closer to the Twin Donuts near Cambridge Street.”

How did you find your new place?

“I looked on Facebook Marketplace.”

When did you start looking?

“ I started thinking about it in December but didn’t seriously start searching until January.”

What is your best tip for finding a new place?

“Definitely give yourself enough time and have three things you are looking for – whether that be budget, space, amenities – narrowing it down is important.”

What is your best moving tip?

“Have plenty of friends who are ready to help because it makes everything much easier.”

Lyndan Wall

Moving to Boston after graduating from college 

Lyndan Wall (left) and Betsy Warner (right) – Caroline Bunnell

Where are you moving from? 

“I am moving from California after I graduated college in Colorado, but I am starting a job here.”

When did you start looking?

“I started looking in June and signed a lease in early July.” 

How did you find your place?

“I found it online, then contacted the realtor.”

What is your best tip for finding a new place?

“Having family and friends helping is a game-changer. I wouldn’t be able to get everything done as fast without them.”

What is your best moving tip?

Instead of boxes, we have been using suitcases, which has made things a lot easier since we can roll everything up the hills.”

Sue Abramowitz

Lives in Allston full time 

Sue Abramowitz – Caroline Bunnell

How was this year’s moving season compared with past years’?


This year doesn’t seem to be as hectic. Since rent is higher in this area, there are more young, working professionals rather than students, so it isn’t as bad as I have seen it.

“I actually have owned this building since 1984, and I lived here for nine years prior. I then moved to Chestnut Hill for 22 years, and would rent out these apartments to undergrad students. Now, I moved back here and rent out the building to mainly grad students and young adults who are working in the area. We try hard to maintain the buildings and clean up the streets before, during, and after every moving season to keep it pleasant for everyone living here.”

POV: It’s moving day in Boston

Friday, Sept. 1, 12 p.m.

It’s officially moving day! Take a look at some of the views across the city from Sept. 1 and Aug. 31, which include Boston moving day in a nutshell, hauling a couch to a second floor home, and streets lined with moving trucks. One Reddit user shared a photo of ‘an iconic moving day scene in Cambridge’ involving a U-Haul and a few turkeys. Another shared a photo of a road sign reminding drivers: “Do not use Storrow.” Seriously, don’t get Storrowed.

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Students Jack (rear) and her roommate Nine relax amidst a collection of their belongings and those of their roommates as they are in the process of moving out of their apartment on Ashford Street in Allston on Aug. 31, 2023. – John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
Northeastern students, from left, Fiona Egan, Noah Bergeren, and Ronnie Efremov take a breather from packing and moving on Aug. 31, 2023. – Photo by Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

It’s Allston Christmas 2023

Thursday, Aug. 30, 11:30 p.m.

The phenomenon known as Allston Christmas is back once again. The days leading up to Sept. 1, when most apartment leases end, result in a flurry of furniture, trinkets, clothes, and other treasures lining the streets of Allston.

Those looking to fill their new apartments for free-ninety-nine can dig through the trash for gold.


Here are a few photos from Thursday’s Allston Christmas festivities.

5 Ashford Street.
5 Ashford Street was littered with trash during move out this year. – John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Boy waits near Christmas tree.
Isaac Robiland, a BU student waits to move a table near a discarded Christmas tree. – John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
Students look through trash.
BU students (left to rt) Jon Lee, Esme Byrd and Melissa Taylor pick through the Allston trash. – John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

City of Boston officially welcomes new residents

Thursday, Aug. 31, 12 p.m.

City of Boston officials welcomed new college students arriving to the city Thursday. At the press conference at 218 Hemenway St., deputy director of Neighborhood Services Conor Newman said each neighborhood will have an assigned liaison to conduct walkthroughs on Thursday and Friday to help answer questions and guide new residents to city services, and ensure streets remain clear. Newman also reminded residents to use online resources such as boston.com/residents and Boston’s 24/7 non-emergency hotline 311.

Watch the full press conference here.

5 quick tips for moving large furniture, according to local experts

Thursday, Aug. 31, 9 a.m.

Somerville-based Gentle Giant Moving Company, shared five quick tips on how to transport large furniture without professional help. 

Read the tips and why Gentle Giant’s Niles Kuronen said, “Many hands make light work.”

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