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‘Merry Allston Christmas to you and yours’

It was business as usual during Boston's infamous move-in weekend.

Lina Guo, a Boston University student, sits on a walkway on Wadsworth Street in the midst of last year's Allston Christmas. David L Ryan / The Boston Globe

It’s move-in day in Boston, a Sept. 1 right of passage, and – despite the city’s history with so-called Storrowing, traffic jams, and road closures — it’s been business as usual as of Sunday afternoon.

“Nothing to report,” an Allston/Brighton Police spokesperson told Boston.com.

Bostonians both seasoned and fledgling took to Twitter over the weekend in anticipation of what is traditionally known as “Allston Christmas,” where town residents in the midst of moving turn their attention to street-side furniture and homeware, all free for the taking. One Twitter user created an Allston Christmas Bingo card, listing commonly encountered items like “rolly desk chair,” “floral couch,” and “broken bed frame,” among others.


Others captured moments from the sunny, crisp September morning.

Some residents, like a group of Mayor Marty Walsh liaisons, took to Allston streets to welcome newcomers.

Dunkin’ even offered advice — and a free sample.

But like any other holiday, official or not, the afternoon was filled with warm wishes, good tidings, and the occasional Christmas Scrooge.